Interview with the founder of Top Crypto Coin Price

Even if the crypto price and stats portals are pretty crowded and some big players are established, the founder of Top Crypto Coin Price decided to launch a new website to bring value to the small crypto investors.

Why another cryptocurrency website?

While I do like some of the already established websites and even some smaller players who have done a great job adding value to the standard pricing charts and tables, they target experts more than ordinary people interested in the crypto space. We’ll try to offer for free a lot of predefined crypto data, so someone can quickly see how a cryptocurrency is doing, its evolution over time, and how it compares to other coins.

What are the most valuable data that is offering?

We focus on comparing any two coins to know what the best to keep is. The current popular websites usually only compare the most popular coins where a trade exchange exists; on TCCP, you can compare any two currencies. 

We add the option to compare even more coins on the same charts and tables. Aside from that, our Heatmap crypto page makes it easy to see the status of the entire market.

Is it free or paid?

I plan to keep everything for free. To get the use cases from current users and continue to make everything available to everyone.

What are your plans?

Top Crypto Coin Price is still very early. Our roadmap is very long; so many exciting things are coming. We plan to do case studies with crypto bots and add a lot of metrics that can make the life of the average crypto user a lot easier when deciding to invest in this space.