Solana to Cardano Price Correlations

Does Solana depend on Cardano? Based on the correlation analysis, SOL and ADA have a strong positive relationship. The correlation coefficient of their values is 0.7908, which was estimated based on the last 3 months' price dynamics of both coins.

Price Chart


Period 24h ago 1m ago 3m ago 6m ago 12m ago
Correlation coefficient 0.7497 0.6008 0.7908 0.9696 0.8988
95% Confidence interval

This coefficient may range from -1 to 1, where -1 is the strongest negative correlation, 0 is no correlation at all and 1 is the strongest positive correlation.

The negative coefficient indicates that the prices of the cryptocurrencies are moving in the contrary direction while the positive coefficient tells that the prices are moving in the identical direction. For instance, if name ?> and name ?> connection is positively strong, it means that when id ?> is rising id ?> will rise as well. The negative strong relation will show that when BTC is rising id ?> price will be in opposite decreasing.

The Confidence interval represents the interval in which the true correlation coefficient will be located with 95% probability. If the confidence interval includes the value of zero, the correlation can be regarded as non-significant (not different from 0).